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How does the movie compare to the book?

Posted by Urban Legend - Sunday, December 07th, 2008

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Have you read the book(s)? Seen the movie? If so, please free to share your feelings about the big screen adaptation. Does it meet with your expectations? Is it better? Not as good?

27 replies

Posted by G180 - Tuesday, December 09th, 2008


the book, i hate to say it, was way better, for the following reasons.
-Edward is supposed to take her on a camping trip when he shows bella his glittery skin way after she discovers he is a vampire
-the Cullen's house is supposed to be white, not wood and blue cement.
-the girl playing bella portrayed her as obsessed and trampy.
-bella isn't supposed to care about what she wears in the book, and in the movie she is oh so fashionable
-i pictured the m all so differently
-Edward's acting is really poor in the beginning at the scene at the lab station in biology.

and more!

Posted by G185 - Wednesday, December 10th, 2008


The movie is nearly word from word from the book, a few differntsecces, but we all see things differnetly and how can they please everyone?

Posted by G190 - Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Almost word for word? What movie were YOU watching?

The movie version of Twilight is a complete and utter disappointment for those of us who expected it to be true to the book. I'm sorry, but portions of the storyline were twisted around, events re-arranged, and lines said in settings where they weren't intended to be placed. (Edward and James never fought in the book; Edward pulled James off of Bella in the ballet studio and then Emmett and Jasper "took care of him." The huge knock-down, drag-out brawl between James and Edward was for movie effects only.) Yes, there are some lines in the movie that were taken verbatim from the book's pages. However, where and when they were said changed quite a bit. A lot of lines were added, but huge portions of the rather long story were left out or deleted entirely. How can you possibly think it was word-for-word from the book? Read it again and then maybe you'll change your mind.As for Twilight and New Moon, the next movie, they can be summed up quite easily: In Twilight, Bella freaks out and runs from Edward. In New Moon, Edward freaks out and runs from Bella. Oh what joys to be had in teenage love. Someone please pass the alka-seltzer.

Posted by G209 - Monday, December 22nd, 2008

I completely agree. I absolutely LOVE the books, read the entire series a few weeks ago again in 3 days! lol. The movie dissappointed me, it seems that it was lacking "body" i would call it. It was kinda like we had to fill in space but if you hadnt read the book, you wouldnt even know what the heck filled in those empty places. Some things just didnt fit. I hate that it didnt do the book justice! Maybe the new director will do a better job on New Moon. I REALLY hope so - imagine how much press it would get if it was awesome! It's done great and they didnt even do that great of a job on it. I think the actors are ok but did you know they havent even read the books themselves? I mean for that I think they did a good job. Personally though, I believe that if someone is cast a role out of a book, they need to at least read the book-lol. To "nail" that character. On the other hand, they did do a good job in that area.

Looking forward to New Moon!

Posted by G349 - Saturday, February 28th, 2009



Posted by G451 - Thursday, April 02nd, 2009

Sorry but u r so wrong

Sorry but u r way wrong. The book was 100 times better than the movie; The movie even skipped some things that were in the book and the didnt ever told each other "I Love u" which was kinda the romantic spark. The movie was still good but the book was better!!!!!!!!!

Posted by G454 - Friday, April 03rd, 2009

get over it

Ok you guys. We all know that the book so much better then the movie. GET OVER IT!!!!

Go back read your books and be happy. You paid money to go see the movie and I BET, you bought the DVD as well. So all this complaining and crying about the movie...IS WORTHLESS!!


Posted by G582 - Thursday, May 28th, 2009

[get over it

Ok you guys. We all know that the book so much better then the movie. GET OVER IT!!!!

Go back read your books and be happy. You paid money to go see the movie and I BET, you bought the DVD as well. So all this complaining and crying about the movie...IS WORTHLESS!!


This is a thread for people to discuss their opinions. Don't tell people to 'get over it'. If you don't like the movie, thats cool. Say your point. Don't just critisize others for there view points.

IMO the movie was ok, had its good and bad. The action scenes were kinda laim though compared to other action scenes like in Xmen origins. The relationship with bella and her dad was done well. Otherwise the movie as a whole was not that believable. Loved the baseball scene.

Posted by G432 - Friday, March 27th, 2009

you are so right dud

Posted by G950 - Thursday, October 08th, 2009

it was SO NOT good!

the movie was way off the description of edward. Rpatz didnt act edward out too well...
and kristen sounded like she was being raped at the scene where james bit her. ugh..
and what's wrong with jasper? he looked like he was the one stabbed by a pencil.
many of the scenes in the book were removed and revised...edward didn't look like he was glittering at the meadow. and the meadow didnt look like the one described in the book....

i totally hate the director..

the only thing i thought was great was the scene in the ballet studio given that there were mirors and that was a very hard part to shoot. :|

i hope i wont get disappointed in new moon. :|

Posted by G414 - Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

twilight compares to book

I've finished all the twilight saga books. I just watched twilight the movie and I was shocked to see how much alike it was to the book. Yes, there is few things changed which all movies do happen to have but,any critizing of this movie is a shame. I think it couldn't be done any better. Bella's character is just like the book,she trys to figure out and understand Edward, and Edward was exactly like the book in everyway. The chemistry they had with each other was unbelievable. I haven't seen a movie that close to it's original source like a book/movie.I'm not a vampire book lover but I'm definitely waiting to see the rest of the films.

Posted by G462 - Tuesday, April 07th, 2009

read this

u don't know what your saying... What bella was wearing was disguting...

Posted by G596 - Tuesday, June 02nd, 2009


ummmmmmmmm ur wrong about every thing the book was written before the movie

was produced..............

Posted by G231 - Sunday, January 04th, 2009

Twilight- Book v. Movie

As with any book made into a movie there will be differences. Overall, the book was excellent. The movie really should have been longer to develop the characters and story; lets blame it on the budget. I've seen the movie once and my daughters (13 &17) have seen it twice. Edward's first sceen in the lab was comical and the climbing special effects could have been better. You need to see the movie at least once.

Posted by G350 - Saturday, February 28th, 2009



Posted by G434 - Friday, March 27th, 2009


Posted by G348 - Saturday, February 28th, 2009


I am 10 years old Iv read the book twilight seen the movie in theathers twice and preordered the movie.Trust me the movie is the best movie i ever seen but the book is even better now when i read other books they dont seen as good sence i read twilight each sentence is a snapshot.It is amazing the discription steveny meyer came think of . It is so romantic and sweet Im now on the secound book new moon,

Posted by G435 - Friday, March 27th, 2009

i agree in everything you said....i love u girl lol!!!!!!

Posted by G357 - Sunday, March 01st, 2009

Why I didn't like the Twilight film...

I Didn't like the film for so many reasons -1. Edward acted like an idiot 2. All of his facial expressions were the same3. Bella wasn't clumsy!4. They left out so many good parts of the book5. Where did Lauren go?6. Bella came out as an anorexic wierdo who cared about what she looked like...7. Jasper.. what's with the wierd facial expression?8. I always knew Rosalie was bitchy but she wasn't that bad!9. Too Many Reasons!10. The Movie Sucked!

Posted by G433 - Friday, March 27th, 2009

you are right in everything except for one thing...bella was clumsy in the movie.............hmmmm but you know what, they should have but her more clumsier

Posted by G415 - Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

Of course the movie is going to be different then the book, arent they always, so if you werent expecting the movie to be JUST like the book then you would be pleasantly surprised. Dont be so hard on the cast, in all reality, could there ever be an Edward?????

Posted by G431 - Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Why I Don't Like The Twilight Film

Don't get me wrong about this, I mean I LOVE the twilight books but they kind of lost their character for me as soon as I saw the film. Movie producers ruin books, end of. They ruined--Eragon-Harry Potter-Twilight-and so many more I mean the same as any film they have good points and bad points but it seems this one was mostly bad points in my opinion. And now that everyone in the world is obsessed with Twilight, it's sort of lost meaning and interest. Now the only things my friends will read is twilight and it's all they ever talk about it just gets SO boring.Just a few of the things I didn't like about the Twilight film were--Facial Expressions, meaning Edward's expressions, they all looked the same. He had a possible 3 maybe 4 different expressions throughout the film.-Bella is meant to not care what she wears or looks like but in the film she is really fashionable-When she is bitten by James and Edward is sucking out the venom, is it just me or does she go cross-eyed? What's that all about?-What is with Jasper's facial expression? That is all I will say on that matter. -One last thing, when the Cullen's move it's meant to be lightening fast. Instead it just looks like they have been filmed running with some Vaseline on the lenses.All in all the film wrecked the books, hopefully it will get better as it goes along. But it is not likely with New Moon because Edward won't be in it much. It doesn't mean I dislike the books any more, it just means that I probably won't read them much any more. Oh yeah I just remembered. Where did Wuthering Heights go? I mean it's a main part of the book?!Finished but that's not all I was angry at in this film but I'm running out of room so..The End (ha)

Posted by G487 - Saturday, April 18th, 2009


At first I didn't know what all the hype was about. I didn't see the movie in the theatre, i never read the book, i didn't even know that there was more than one. My sister rented the movie from blockbuster about 3 weeks ago. I thought that the movie was a sappy teenager romance that really didn't have logic, but I felt intrigued. I went to walmart and bought all the books. I read them all in 1 week. I even read the draft 'Midnight Sun' on Stephenie Mayer's website and was disappointed that it was never going to go to print. I tried to watch the movie again and i got so pissed off. The movie is not able to potray the real events and time that passed. In the book you can understand Bella's anguish and how their love ignite's. In the movie it was like oh they met and in 2 weeks she knew that he was a vampire and they fell madly in love.

For the movie the director or producer just took key dialogue from the book and *bam* made a movie.

I was even more disappointed because in the DVD special features, Stephenie said that she felt great because got to a part of the whole process and that she was really involved in the editing. Either Stephenie had a hug brain fart or they just didn't pay attention to her or anything she said.

I was sad that Kristin Stewart performance was not able to even reach to act anything as to what Bella is.

Edward's performance was alright in the movie, but it was also sad that they weren't able to potray his real gift of mind reading.

Overall i give the movie a 2 star rating out of 10. I do hope that New Moon is better, but now with Twilight all messed up now we won't be able to understand the true feeling that will take on with Jacob.

Sorry for posting a really long answer but i want everyone to understand that my opinion is not biased. I didn't read the book first, i watched the movie then read the book then watch the movie again...or atleast tried to watch that wretched injustice again.

Hope this helps


Posted by G616 - Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

i'm very upset at this.....

the book is way more detailed and the movie was a disappointment, dont get me wrong, the movie was good but it could have been better. The scenes are in different order than they are in the book. The movie also left out key parts from the book that were good parts when reading. Can't wait till New Moon comes out so we can see how that one turns out :)

Posted by G619 - Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

The book is way better then the movie

reason why cuz you can picture it the way you want to and there is more infomation and dietals in the book then the movie i also think that the other movies are giognt obe t he same as the twilight that not everything that happen in the book will come out.

Posted by G7191 - Monday, March 07th, 2011

Books are Best!

I agree that the books are 100 times better than the movies.

Finally after years of avoiding it I have read the books. And I loved them! But curriosity then got the better of me and I decided to watch the first movie. I could have cried! It was by far the worst movie I have ever seen. The acting was worse than something out of a film festival or elementary school play. The characters were wrong, they missed key points in the book that should have left people confused in the movie (and I'm still surprised they werent). Just above all, the acting was horrible. The horribly brutalized dialog could have been saved if members of the cast could act (namely the characters of Bella, Edward, Jasper, and Alice). Maybe it's because these were my favorite characters in the book and I had high hopes for them, but their actors blew!
I know this post is dead but I just had to get that off my chest. I'm reading the books again now to try and salvage my opinion of the plot and REAL characters.

Posted by G729 - Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

yes but no...

Ok now... the movie was a hit, it was cool, it perfect in every way blah blah blah... but ! the book its much rich in history content and it has more magic thatn the movie... the movie is really good but it really misses a lot of points and details that for the next movie are vital, so we will see how they can pull this off...


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