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Help me understand the ending!! (SPOILERS)

Posted by G313 - Saturday, February 14th, 2009

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i didn't really understand the ending... was Anna so crazy that she really thought her sister was alive and Rachel was mildred kemp? Or was it all apart of her plan to kill Rachel because she was just upset that her dad was cheating on her mother with rachel? The ending really thew me off when she was back in the ward and she told the therapist "I started what i finished" with a smile on her face.

52 replies

Posted by G333 - Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

ok...the whole time,Anna was hallucinating that her sister was there. All her conversations were imagination. And Anna was the one who killed Rachel. The night of the fire, Ana came home and saw his dad having sex with Rachel,so she went to the propane tank and filled a watering can. She left a candle on the ground so the house blew up with Alex and her mother inside. Mildred kemp was actually the girl in the mental hospitel with Anna. It was really essentially the whole time Anna is mental and hallucinating

Posted by G2956 - Saturday, April 24th, 2010

Actually it fell off of the night wasn't on the floor.

Posted by G4911 - Saturday, September 11th, 2010


i dont get it if alex really was dead how did rachel drug her then

Posted by G5095 - Saturday, October 02nd, 2010

she never drugged her, she imagined it?

Posted by G10416 - Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

She didn't drug her Anna imagined that she did. Just like she was never coming to drug Anna, she just thought rachel was.

Posted by G10312 - Monday, December 19th, 2016


But what about when Rachel undressed Anna and she said" I could never have a daughter"...

Posted by G10359 - Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Lol..No u dumb...It was an accident..Anna didn't do it intentionally....She forgot to close the tap of the tank.And the tank was open.So when Anna closed the door hard.The candle fell and her sister and her mother died...Due to this and she observed Rachael having sex with her dad.She presumed Rachael as a villain.She was a psychopath.....Anna was the main villain...She directed the audience by letting us know that Rachael was the main. Villan

Posted by G377 - Monday, March 09th, 2009

The original explained it better

This movie is based off a Korean film called A Tale of Two Sisters. In that movie, one sister hallucinated the stepmother and her sister for the length of the movie. In the end, it's revealed that the step mother was actually her mother's caregiver, and her mother had committed suicide and her sister died in a freak accident. It's a much better film than The Uninvited in my opinion. You should check it out.

Posted by G10417 - Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

But in this movie the step mom was real she just wasn't evil. Its really not that confusing. It was a young girl who was mad and traumatized and later become confused leading to her to believe her sister was still there. The anger of seeing her dad cheat on her sick mother and the trauma of accidentally killing her mom and sister literally drove her crazy.
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Posted by G438 - Saturday, March 28th, 2009

nnoo! its not hallucinating! alright now try to keep up:)

She could never really accept that her mothers death was her fault, so she passed the blame onto the woman her father was having an affair with. the whole thing drove her so insane that she developed mulitple personality disorder. she was acting out the parts of herself, her sister and the step mom. because in her mind the step mum was extreamly evil, so whenever she acted out the role of her step mum she was doing all the mean stuff. but in reality the step mum was really good to her.

and in the end when she see's alex murdering the step mother, it was actually her acting out the roll as alex. but in her mind alex is her sister, not a multiple personality in her mind. then when her dad tells her alex is dead she gets really confused and thats when she see's herself standing there with the knife.

and as for the "finished what she started" On the night of the fire, she got the petrol because she was going to kill the step mum. but her own mum died instead. and she is still insane and believes that her step mum is evil, so she said she finished what she started, as in finally killed her.

Posted by G5125 - Wednesday, October 06th, 2010

Yours was the best explanation I have heard so far.

Thank you so much for explaining the final comment. All we wanted to know is what she meant when she said "I finished what I started".

Posted by G10384 - Friday, June 16th, 2017

I'm going to explain it.

I know I'm really late to this but, to take it one step at a time.1.) The reveal Alex is not real. This is more for the sake of the audience. As we will get into a little later, Anna already knew Alex was not real.2.) What really happened that night. Anna accidentally left the tap of gasoline open, so when the candle was knocked over, the gas was ignited killing both Alex and her mother all while Anna discovered her father having an affair with Rachel.3.) "I finished what I started." This line is meant to show that Anna really wasn't immagining things. The whole time, she knew what she was doing. She knew Alex was dead the entire time. The rest of the movie that we had already watched was her cover up story of the murder.4.) Mildred Kemp being with her in the mental hospital. This character asked "Who am I going to tell my stories to?" when Anna left the hospital. This meant everything that Anna had researched on the internet was knowledge already known by her. The internet was just a very believable way to make it seem like she just came across the imformation. And as for the necklace, pearl necklaces are simply very common.So, simply put, the entire movie up until the audience discovers Alex is dead is simply Anna's cover up story, and she knew what she was doing this whole time. She knew it would be believable since she had been in a mental hospital, and she would've had plenty of time to come up with this story. While it is elaborate, it is possible.The ending is able to be left up to the audience's interpretation, but the split personality thing was so far off. Just because it ended that way in the original, doesn't make it the same for the remake. The remake is simply its own entity based off of another entity.

Posted by G6831 - Monday, January 31st, 2011

You're trying entirely too hard to sound british.

Posted by G10270 - Sunday, October 02nd, 2016


Except she was hallucinating, she genuinely thought she saw her sister with her... Everything else I agree with, her goal from the start was to kill her father's mistress..

Posted by G10274 - Tuesday, October 04th, 2016

So Mildred Kemp actually had nothing to do with anything other than being in the hospital with Anna? Kind of a weird coincidence they stumbled upon that grave sight of the murdered children?

Posted by G10280 - Friday, October 07th, 2016

That makes sense

It threw me off

Posted by G754 - Friday, July 24th, 2009


okay so i was like totally into this movie and i was watching it with my older brother, we got to the end and therefore were very confused because what had happened had made no snese what so everrr.

so we rewinded it and wached again..

after annas father had told it was not alex...alex died in the fire with yr mother.

thennnn wen she goes to find alex she simply dissapears into the darkness and then anna starts to have flashbacks...she killed her mother and sister she killed matt, and was hallucinating and mental about it all the whole time!!


Posted by G794 - Tuesday, August 04th, 2009

Okay, my friend and i watched this movie last night, but we had to watch it twice to really get it. we thought that Alex was the part of herself that didnt want to admit what she did, thats why she couldnt remember what had happended that night. She wasnt hallucinating alex, she was talking to herself. Rachel wasnt bad, she hadnt actually done anything bad except for sleeping with the dad, but through the movie after you watch it again youll see shes trying to protect anna. She only sent the boy away because everyone knew that Anna started the fire, and no one wanted her to know it, but that boy did, so she didnt want him to see her because he would tell Anna.

And about the crazy ward, Mildred Kemp was the girl in the beginning that told her 'stories', if you remember in the beginning she said "But who will i tell my stories to?" So thats why Anna always saw the wright children, and she just connected it to Rachel because she was placing the blame on someone else. When she told the therapist she "Finished what she started", she said that because when she was released from the place to go home, the therapist told her to go home and finish what she started.

confusing movie... but it was really good :) i hope this helps

Posted by G10227 - Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Please explain why Rachel was so mean in The Univited!!

one person explain very well about how I was putting the blame on Rachel for her mother's death. But that doesn't explain why Rachel was always so mean to Anna. Even if she imagined it, why was Rachel always listening in on conversations? Why did she scream at Anna for dropping the roast?! I understand the rest of the twists; just not Rachel's actions and demeanor.

Posted by G10231 - Monday, May 30th, 2016

Why was Rachel mean?

Rachel listened to the conversations because it was just Anna talking to herself, and she yelled at her when de chicken fell because she was tense, that was a reeeeaaaallyyy important meating the family was having...

Posted by G10264 - Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Rachael wasn't mean at all

People keep asking why Rachael was so mean. The crazy thing is that if you watch the movie again, Rachael wasn't mean at all! That's how good the acting and score was! Since the movie was seen through Anna's eyes, they put creepy music in the background whenever Rachael would talk to her so that her niceness seemed sinister, but she was truly being nice and trying to become a family. The only times she was dissapointed/upset with Anna is when she was trying to bond with her over makeup and jewelry, and Anna said she knows that she's not who she says she is. That's when Rachael realized "this isn't going to work"-which relates to her later comment, "I've always wanted a daughter, and you took that from me". That night at the dinner party, Rachael was pleasantly surprised when Anna offered to help, which you could see in her hopeful facial expression when she asked, "really?". Then her hope was crushed when Anna made the food fall on the floor. Rachael was just upset because she thought Anna did it on purpose to sabatoge her when all she was trying to do was be a family. Thats the only time she lost her temper. Even the "attack" scenes at the end of the movie... Rachael realizes Anna is crazy when she overhears Anna talking to herself about Rachael being Mildred Kemp and saying "this ends tonight". Scary! She goes in the other room to get a syringe prepared to sedate her. Then Anna comes in and says, "WE know Rachael, WE know everything". Rachael tries to sedate her and they struggle a bit. She even says "I don't want to hurt you". Anna knocks her in the head with the vase and she doesnt try to retaliate at all, just looks shocked. Anna locks herself in her room, and Rachael pleads with her to open the door. Eventually she yells "open the damn door!". That's the extent of her meanness-yet through music and all the "evil" information about Racheal being fed to Anna throught "Alex", we think Rachael is terrible all along. This movie is awesome! I recommend watching it a second time... it is an ENTIRELY different movie after you know the truth.

Posted by G10288 - Saturday, October 15th, 2016

It was all Anna.

Rachel was not actually doing those things. That was Anna in her own head seeing these things that weren't actually true.

Posted by G848 - Monday, August 24th, 2009

The Uninvited broken down

The whole movie takes you through Anna's eyes. But if you get to the ending, you find out that real life is the complete opposite of Anna's views.

Basically, she found her dad cheating on her mom. She was then crazy enough to try to kill her dad & his "mistress" (aka her mom's nurse), but instead, accidentally killed her sister & mother. She was then sent to an insane asylum, where she met Mildred Kemp (who was charged with murder of three children, whom she was the nanny for) & twisted Mildred's story into Rachel's (the nurse/mistress).

I'm guessing she was content with the death of her father's mistress, just because she was his mistress, not because she really murdered her mother. (which is pretty crazy if you ask me) She couldn't remember her dreams because she didn't want to see it.

I still don't understand why she would kill Matt. Rachel just tried to keep Matt from telling her that it was in fact Anna who started the fire.

I hope I could help you understand it a little better =)

Posted by G938 - Sunday, October 04th, 2009

She didn't mean to kill Matt, he was telling her the truth of what happened and she freaked out and didn't want to hear any more, and she was trying to get away from him. She didn't notice what she was doing when she got his hands off her arms.

Posted by G1145 - Friday, December 18th, 2009

great movie

Anna finished what she started, in the most bizarre way.

Posted by G1538 - Thursday, February 04th, 2010

One part of ending confused me

The only part of the ending I didn't get is when it is revealed that Anna's friend in the mental hospital is Mildred Kemp. I recall when Anna was trying to convince the sheriff that Rachel was really Mildred, and the sheriff saying that Mildred had never been caught. But I must have misheard? Or is that a plot hole? Also, it wasn't clear if all the strange things that Rachel said to Anna were part of the hallucination, or if Rachel really was somewhat off-balance.

Posted by G9850 - Saturday, July 19th, 2014


Can u exhaling the neckless

Posted by G6966 - Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Well... apparently anna (who was mental) imagined rachel killin matt but she apparently still had multiple personality disorder which persuaded her to think rachel killed him but she was playing the role of rachel as she wouldnt believe she did it herself until the end.

Hope that helped uunderstand why she killed matt :)

Posted by G9816 - Tuesday, June 03rd, 2014


It's when Matt told her the truth that it was actually she who killed her own mother and sister . so she pushed Matt off the rock too never ready to accept the truth . the marks on her arms show Matt tried to pull himself up in the struggle .

Posted by G1736 - Monday, February 15th, 2010


anna was so depressed that she thought that rachel killed her mom in the fire!so rachel was inecent!so i finished what i started means that she wanted 2 kill rachel and she did!

Posted by G4561 - Monday, August 09th, 2010

you see she knew who mildred kemp was she said she finished what she started because of the afair. so she was still druged buy rachel but, how did rachel get the pearls from the murder of the wright children?

Posted by G4609 - Thursday, August 12th, 2010

I think she's crazy but shes not hallucinating. like shes imaginging these things in her head and fantasising about them and stuff but she knows there not real. she wants to kill her step mom for cheating with her dad and makes up these little stories where her step mom is a killer excetra. mildred is a source of inspiration for her. she knows who she is but tricks herself into believing this story about her stepmom , she doesn't want to believe that her sisters dead so she pretends she isn't. she's crazy as hell but she's not suffering from psychosis, all the ghosts is just her imagination which she chooses to think of coz shes nutzo

Posted by G6021 - Monday, December 20th, 2010

What I didnt get is when Anna is with the officer.. Why do they do that to her? or is it just her hollusionating?

Posted by G6043 - Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010


When Anna escapes and drives to the police station and tells the sheriff that Rachel was really Mildred Kemp, she also mentioned that Rachel drugged Alex and Anna, and that Alex was alone with her at home and was in danger. I think no one at that point realized or were aware that Anna believed or thought her sister Alex was alive, because the sheriff was the first person that Anna mentioned anything about Alex, and realizes that Anna is off her rocker, because everyone else knew that Alex had died in the fire.

Posted by G8362 - Monday, May 21st, 2012

I know right. I just got done watching. It and I did. Not understand. It when they. Put the here little. Children in it but. Know. Do

Posted by G9837 - Monday, June 30th, 2014

Did rachel really have the pearl necklace ?? or was anna hallucinating ?as they showed melrid wit the necklace in the end/...

Posted by G10125 - Monday, November 30th, 2015

Great movie

Posted by G10200 - Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Here's an explanation...

Okay in the end, the sheriff is talking to Anna's father and he asks "why would she make this all up?" Well, she didn't. Because in the beginning, right before Anna was released, Mildred Kemp ( the other woman in the mental hospital ), said to her "Who am I going to tell all my stories to?" So the whole plot of Anna's imagination was based on stories that Mildred told her in the 10 months that Anna was in the hospital with her. And in the end when Anna says "I finished what I started," it's because she finally killed Rachel Summers because on the night that her mother and sister died, she saw that Rachel and her father were having sex so when she went to the room to fill the bucket up with gasoline, her sister was in the room too and as Anna stormed off with the bucket filled with gasoline, she was planning on killing Rachel. However, she was careless enough to forget to make sure the gasoline wasn't still running. Alex ( her sister ) slammed the door behind her, causing a lit candle to fall on the floor. The gasoline met the fire. And of course, there was an enormous fire that burned down with Alex and her mother in it. This freak accident interfered with Anna's plan on killing Rachel. So when Anna kills Rachel in the end of the movie, she "finished what she started." Hope my explanation helped :)

Posted by G10201 - Friday, April 01st, 2016

what happened

she planned to kill Rachel because she caught her dad having fun with Rachel while their mother was sick in the beach the therapist told her to ¨FINISH WHAT SHE STARTED¨ but the therapist didn't mean to do what she did.

Posted by G10236 - Sunday, June 05th, 2016

She probably had her own set of pearls but Anna just associated with the pearls from the picture of the woman murdered by Mildred Kemp and created her own story in her schizophrenia paranoid thoughts. Remember when she was fixated on them, and Rachel said take them, they meant nothing to her.

Posted by G10267 - Monday, September 05th, 2016


Actually she suffered from DID (dissociative identity disorder), it's a mental disorder like she has multiple personality states, the manifestations of altering identities is extremely high.

Posted by G10239 - Wednesday, June 08th, 2016

how did anna reach to the murdered childrens graves or was she halucinating?

Posted by G10259 - Monday, August 15th, 2016

how we can assist anna behaviour?

Posted by G10263 - Friday, August 26th, 2016

I think Mildred knew Anna had an axe to grind, so she brain washed Anna knowing she had the intention to kill her step mom.

Mildred took the opportunity to try and frame Rachel for telling her stories of Mildred Kemp.

Had Rachel been arrested as Mildred, that would've freed the real Mildred from the nut house.

The Sheriff knew the sister was dead so he called her step mom. Pearls were Rachels which she didn't care about but Anna saw pearls and thought about the stories.

Posted by G10271 - Monday, October 03rd, 2016

i get the whole movie besides the part of the lake house i know this seems dumb but did they really rebuild after the explosion or was that all in annas mind as well?!? just something that bugged me

Posted by G10296 - Sunday, October 30th, 2016

I wondered this too!!

Posted by G10275 - Tuesday, October 04th, 2016

Help me understand why she thinks her sister was alive all that and why her dad was cheating on someone else???????????

Posted by G10308 - Sunday, December 11th, 2016

I think she was hullucanating the whole time. After Anna's dad tells her Alex is dead, it flashbacks to all the times Anna and Alex were together. At the dock, when they were in bed together, in the bathroom... I don't know. This movie really confused me. Maybe she developed multiple personality disorder and was acting out the roles of Rachel and Alex? Oh yeah, Rachel was really trying to be a good stepmother. Anna was just thinking she was evil and all that stuff.

Posted by G10313 - Sunday, December 25th, 2016

So here is some things you missed.

1. Mildred Kempf told Anna about her stories, which is why Anna was imagining dead kids.

2. Anna actually did meet up with her boyfriend but she pushed him off the clif which was why he said his back was hurting.

3. "Ain't nobody talking to you" moments with her sister.

Posted by G10379 - Tuesday, June 06th, 2017

If they knew that Anna was really the one to blame for the accident that killed her mother and sister, why her father asks her at the end: "What do you mean it wasn t an accident?" He was surprised. It could have passed for accident. Maybe she imagined that Rachel sent away Matt just to make her feel sad.

Posted by G10380 - Tuesday, June 06th, 2017

Plus the officer said that Mildred wasn t arrested because he knew she was hospitalised.

Posted by G10422 - Thursday, November 09th, 2017

The only real mistake was that on the gravestones of the Wright children, the death dates all said 1986, but the story on the internet said 1996.

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