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Casting for New Moon

Posted by Cyrus Smith - Sunday, November 16th, 2008

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Hi, I just read about the development of New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Down, the sequels of Twilight, and I was wondering if they'll keep the same actors. Does anybody know if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will reprise their respective roles of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan?

36 replies

Posted by G143 - Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Cast in New Moon

They are talking about changing Jacob Black's character, seeing as how he cannot grow 7 inches in 1 year. So, I think they are looking for alternatives to play Jacob's werewolf side.. I think they should ask that kid from The Covenant.. something Strait. I think he'd be PERFECT for Jacob's character.. he resembles Taylor Lautner so well. (: But yeah that's what I hear. I don't think they'll be changing the main characters at all, though. I would LOVE to hear about some casting they have for New Moon though.. I could maybe play Heidi, but it's a long shot.. Eh. I don't think I resemble any of the characters at all, though, so I'm a little disappointed. But yes, hope this helps. :]

Posted by G145 - Sunday, November 23rd, 2008

Yeah i heard about that somewhere that they might have someone else play Jacob. Haha i hope they have Steven Straight too! :] He looked like a total Jake in Sky High...the hair was just so perfect! XD

Posted by G146 - Monday, November 24th, 2008

LOL, I was thinking of maybe playing Heidi too!:)) But, yeah, I agree there is a long shot of that happening... Well, if it's not me, at least I hope they'll cast Coco Rocha. I think she fits the description perfectly.

Posted by G149 - Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

I soooo agree! His name is Steven Strait, I wanted him to get the role originally, though it would've been hard for him to play the young Jacob.


Posted by G150 - Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Strait is hot he would fit the part just fine. I was thanking about tryn out for Jane.

Posted by G188 - Thursday, December 11th, 2008

they should keep taylor as jacob

i dnt think they should change the guy who plays jacob many ppl will be angry

Posted by G267 - Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

It's official, Taylor IS keeping the role and playing Jacob in New Moon, at least. He put on about 30 pounds between Twilight & now.

Posted by G318 - Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

he is

taylor is still playing jacob. he already gained like 25 pounds

Posted by G338 - Tuesday, February 24th, 2009


i think that steven strait should be in new moon as somebody. He was defintely my first choose for edward cullen. He pale and has the perfect teeth in the covenant. He also has a smile to die for and his hair could be messy and still pull it off. this are my thoughts only. But yeah i totally agree with you that if someone is going to replace jacob-which i heard there not- it should be steven strait.

Posted by G560 - Wednesday, May 20th, 2009



Posted by G148 - Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

They should keep them it would only be right, plus i love them as the characters.

<3 Jessica

Posted by G152 - Thursday, November 27th, 2008

They are not changing the actors. They all signed up for the 3 movies when they signed up for Twilight. If you look around they tell you that. Steven Straight looks nothing like taylor or even like Jacob is described, and although he is a goodlooking guy he can't do that character. If anything he could have played Edward. But they have Robert already, and he's doing a fantastic job. They choose a perfect cast and don't need to change anyone now. They will work out what they need to with special effects with Jacobs height and etc... They knew what to expect when they chose him for the part. Just leave it to the professionals. THEY GOT THIS.

Posted by G155 - Friday, November 28th, 2008

Yeah, they're keeping the same actors. I would be such a good Jane. I've been acting for 8 years, and I have short, dark hair with good complexion and full lips. That would be such a cool character. Still they are keeping Rob and Kristin.

Posted by G200 - Monday, December 15th, 2008

Twilight cast

As a film actor, I think what everybody needs to realize is that everyone in this cast had to go through major hurdles. Warner Bros. pulled out just into production. Summit did a crappy job with limiting the budget. less rehearsal time. production filming was shortened, too. The actors did incredibly well given they had nothing to do with what their characters hair and make-up would look like. The cast should be applauded for doing as well as they did given resources. Hopefully Summit will be picketed by Twilight fans to give the next film a greater budget. And if there's a God in heaven they'll have the sense to keep the same cast entirely. Though you might notice the other cast members (when asked if they'll be cast in New Moon) seem to avoid thequestion entirely. Shame on Summit for not stating for the record that the entire Cullen family will return again and again. Here's to the next 3 films. Who's with me! For what it's worth I though Elizabeth Reaser (Esme) should've been in the film more. Maybe they'll let me direct the next 3 films....maybe

Posted by G221 - Sunday, December 28th, 2008


Are you really Elizabeth Reaser? You should have been in the movie more.

If they do have open casting calls they will cast only famous actors or people who have many proffessional credits on their resume.

Posted by G157 - Friday, November 28th, 2008

new moon cast

i just read in a story on that all of the cast has signed up for the sequel to twilight (new moon). taping is supposed to start in the spring and the movie is supposed to be out in 2010.

Posted by G162 - Monday, December 01st, 2008

wat in 2010? that is too loong. they have been saying on replcing taylor lautner, but i disgree. they might just use computer imaging, or cinema-wats-it-called. look some one made a vid. with Steven Straight as Jacob Black


Gravity-Jake and Bella:(

these are really good vids. i wish i could make them like these.

Posted by G165 - Monday, December 01st, 2008

I don't think so because is mostly about Bella and Jake. but it could be the whole cats or Edward and Bella in Italy. but i think its coming out soon. about in 3 months. the movie wont even be finished by the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010.

Posted by Urban Legend - Monday, December 08th, 2008

Catherine Hardwicke will not direct New Moon

Thank you, everyone, for your contributions to this discussion, and for sharing the information you have!

I can add that Summit Entertainment has announced Catherine Hardwicke will not direct New Moon, which I think is a bit of bad news. You can comment to this announcement here.

Posted by MISS.JACKSON - Thursday, December 11th, 2008


The cast were alright besides some stuff.But they need to say by to drumroll KIRSTEN STEWART(bella suppsedly cause that wasnt that great of a job) somebody should have told have told her and jasper OVER ACTED he wasnt that bad he just mad it a little obvious but bella to be the star she did bad somebody should have told her come down coause i didnt want to go see epic movie or a comedy cause at 1st i was mad i was like i could have watched it on the internet and did i just started to laugh cause it was just OBTUSE BUT I THINK THEY SHOULD KEEP JAKE IF ONLY THEY HAD GOOD SPECIAL EFFECTS SO THEY SHOULD ASTALAVISTA!!!! TO ALOT OF THINGS

Posted by G192 - Friday, December 12th, 2008

Sorry, Miss Jackson

I thought that Kristen did an AMAZING job as Bella; however, I understand that everybody has their own opinion, but it should at least be presented in a comprehensible and in a correct grammatical way. MISS JACKSON, I understood about a fourth of what you were trying to get across, which was this: you think Kristen sucked. Well, that's fine, but, and I mean this with no offense, because it is becoming more and more apparent with this day and age that people no longer seem to have any sense of English when it comes to their vocabulary and writing, and even spelling skills, but I digress. What I was going to say was that, MISS JACKSON, it makes a person look silly whenever they're tying to bash somebody and they can't even spell or punctuate correctly. I'm sorry, this is just a huge pet peeve of mine, but it really is annoying. I don't mean to "diss" you as a person, or anything of that nature (!), it's just disappointing to see someone try to give a critique and I can't even concentrate on what they're saying because the writing is such an obstruction. Maybe that's what's "obtuse" about your post, not Kristen or Jackson's acting. And again, maybe, you should rewatch the movie with an open mind, and I do mean open, so that the awesomeness of it doesn't explode what's left of your brain.

Posted by Sister Spoon - Saturday, December 13th, 2008

Talk about glass houses

You need some help with those punctuation errors?

Posted by G225 - Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

I have to totally agree that kristen sucked as Bella. This is coming from someone who has read all of the books 3 times. I am not saying that Kristen sucks as an actor, she just wasnt Bella. And i dont think it was her fault, i am extremely glad they got a new director for the next installments. Am i the only one that noticed that Bella did not finish a sentence the entire movie, she just stammered around everything. I didnt get a sense of who she was at all or why her and Edward even fell in love, she just always looked scared around him. I hope the new director takes the time to show the building of these relationships that all of us twilight fans fell so in love with. And for God's sake let them finish a conversation.

Posted by G236 - Wednesday, January 07th, 2009

I personally thought Kristen did a decent job acting as Bella. I saw the movie before I read all the books, so I didn't have expectations for the movie. I do agree with the person above me that they didn't show Edward and Bella's relationship build though. It was so fast and didn't portray their thoughts well and all. It would be difficult to put so much in one movie, but it would of been cool to see their strong relationship like in the books.

Posted by G301 - Sunday, February 08th, 2009

well I think she was great I've read all the books 6 times so say what ever you want she stays

Posted by G324 - Friday, February 20th, 2009

I agree with you completely. Kristen Stewart just couldn't capture the essence of Bella correctly. Her acting was good, but she was to serious and was over acting like Miss Jackson said. I think the directors should have thought much more carefully about their decision to put her in the movie; especially as Bella. I've seen all of Kristen Stewart's movies, and in them all she is too serious and over acts. Kristen Stewart is an okay actress, but she can't be Bella.

Posted by G266 - Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Book and the Movie...either or..both are great

I completely and utterly agree with you, Kristen did an astounding job... I had watched the movie before reading the books and it was her portrayal of Bella that made me buy the books, all of the characters brought their own uniqueness to the movie and I truly believe it wouldn't have been twilight if any of the actors had to be changed.
But I have to say that I understand the people's hesitancy to see that these actors portrayed their characters perfectly, the movie did fail to show us each characters characteristics and certain aspects of how relationships formed etc. the way the book had, but this is understandable taken the short time and budget they had.

I'm a huge fan of the Twilight Series.....
The Books are amazing and the movie doesn't stand down to the book at all, I personally feel if the movie was portrayed exactly like the book, I would've been left disappointed had I read the books first, because then u know exactly what to expect... the movie left a little edge for the imagination...

All the actors did a profound job...
Kristen, Robert ,Cam ,Edi ,Rachelle ,James, Taylor, Kellan, Ashley, Nikki, Peter, Elizabeth, Jackson, Billy,

Hahaha but thats just my oppinion...

props to the books and the Movie

Posted by G325 - Friday, February 20th, 2009

You have no idea how right you are, but you should grasp a better grammar so the person below can't say anything. Like, 80 of my friend and I went to go see the movie the day it came to theaters, and we all said as soon as it was over that Kristen Stewart was a bit of a disappointment, and the movie was a little "off its rocker". So you keep on with that. I can truthfully say that I did not expect the movie to be so off.

Posted by G520 - Friday, May 01st, 2009

Roles In New Moon

I have heard a rumor that Madonna (or somebody like that) is playing a role in the movie. im not sure who she is playing but i have heard something about it. Please correct me if you think im wrong.

And i think Kirsten Stuart played Bella very well, and MISS.JACKSON, if your going to post a note like that, which you're sure people will read, you might want to put a bit of effort into punctuation, otherwise you just look really stupid.




Posted by G284 - Friday, January 30th, 2009


They are definitley keeping the actors:

Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson

& Taylor Lautner

And of course the rest of the Cullen's and Charlie Swan.

They are filming in March and alot of sources say New Moon will be out on the 20th November 09 (not sure if that's just USA or UK too).

Also, rumours say Jodelle Ferland will play Jane from the Volturi.

Posted by G316 - Tuesday, February 17th, 2009


i think they should still consider recasting the Jacob character. Steven Strait is the perfect one to play The larger Jacob. Taylor is just too young looking. Let's just hope for last minute recasting.

Posted by G412 - Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Yes Rob and Kris are going to be playing Bella Edward and Taylor Lautner is still going to be Jacob Black

Posted by G439 - Saturday, March 28th, 2009

kristen and rob will be playing bella and edward.

Posted by G442 - Monday, March 30th, 2009

im a big fan of twilight and im thinking of trying to audition for the part of Alec the Voltori, how do i do it and do you think ill get in?

Posted by G459 - Sunday, April 05th, 2009

I know some of the cast for New Moon and Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

They will keep Kristen Stuart and Rob Pattinson unless they quit. In News Weekly they have a story on a "Twilight Fight". It's about the ordeal of Taylor Launter taking Robert Pattinson's place at the Nickolodean Choice Awards. Taylor said,"....I can tell you firsthand that you guys will love New Moon. There's been arguments between the actors for the werewolves and Taylor himself with Robert Pattinson. "...I'll probably be Twilight-ed out by the end of the year..." says Rob Pattinson. And the actor for Jane is Dakota Fanning. The actor for Leah is Vannessa Ann Hudgens. I am looking forward to this 60.2 billion dollar film coming out Novemeber 20, 2009.

Posted by G572 - Sunday, May 24th, 2009


No way! Hudgens really ? where did you read that ?


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