Auditions for Percy Jackson: The Titan's Curse

Posted by G4957 - Thursday, September 16th, 2010

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Hello to the reader of this message. My name is T.J. and I love acting. I live in Alexandria, Virginia and am 12 years old. I am 5 feet and 2 inches. I have wavy light brown hair with streaks of blond. I am on the tan side and have a lean build. I would be interested in playing Nico Di Angelo in Percy Jackson: The Titan's Curse, as well as the following movies. I have been acting since I was 5 years old. My first part was in a High School play as Michael in Peter Pan. Since then I have done over 25 plays, all with leads or assisting leads. A few years ago I was second choice in being casted as Max in the movie "Where the Wild Things Are". Also I can be easily directed. Thank you for reading this and try and consider what I have told you. Also please try and announce when some of the auditions are for The Percy Jackson movies within our regions.

118 replies

Posted by G4982 - Sunday, September 19th, 2010

wow! I actually have an audition for a play in 40 minutes! I'm so nervous but i really want the part of Zoe! Any tips on how to find the auditions?

Posted by G9795 - Saturday, May 10th, 2014

Please help

I'm 13 years old and a girl... I would really be interested in auditioning for the role of Bianca Di Angelo. I have olive skin, with brown hair and eyes. Does any one know when or where they are?

Posted by G10023 - Thursday, May 28th, 2015

Tryout for Percy Jackson

Hi my name is Josh an I am 5'2 and I have dirty blond hair and I have a little bit of green in it so I really want to have the part of Percy Jackson because I almost have the perfect description of Percy.

Posted by G10058 - Monday, July 20th, 2015

Auditions for Percy Jackson: The Titan's Curse

My names Tressa I have blue eyes and sandy blonde hair I am 11 approximately 5.1 feet tall I would love to play any female character from Percy Jackson: The Titan's Curse

Posted by G7496 - Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

auditions for Percy Jackson the Titans Curse

Hello to the reader of this message. My name is Sam. I am interested in playing Nico di Angelo in the Titans Curse. I am 13 years old and I love acting. I have been acting since i was four. I have been in 28 plays and I am in one this summer of 2011. I am 5 feet 4 inches. I have dark brown hair and I have a lean built body. Thank you for reading this and let me know when the auditions are. THANK YOU!!!!!

Posted by G7921 - Thursday, September 01st, 2011

I really want to be Bianca di angelo

Posted by G8048 - Thursday, November 24th, 2011

I want Rachel Dare. Like. OMG.

Posted by G8055 - Sunday, November 27th, 2011

i know.i want to play one of the hunters.yet i dont know a date.and saddly i have nooo experience in acting.but im good at it.anybody have any tips???????

Posted by G8069 - Sunday, December 04th, 2011

hi im Angela Batista. I would love to audition for the part of Reyna or Hazel in a couple of years . So, if anyone can give me any information about it that would be great.Oh , by the way im 10. im also American .I live in Virginia.

Posted by G8654 - Thursday, July 12th, 2012

hello reader and thank you for taking the time to read this my name is steven kornkven from mukwonago wisconsin and i would love to play the part of Nico Di Angelo in Percy Jackson and the titans curse i am 5 feet 4 inches and have acted in many different plays i am also 14 and can be dircted well if you have any idea for auditons for this part thank you

Posted by G8719 - Saturday, August 04th, 2012

yo, im a 12 year old boy and i would love the role of nico di angelo. i have read all the books and i would know how to play the role very well. I have had some experience in musicals such as joseph and the techni-colour dream coat and hasnsel and gretel which i have played leading roles. I am five foot two and have light blond hair and i am 5 foot 2. i am a good actor and i think i will play the role well. i think that i will perform best as nico because i have read the books a million times and know what nico acts like in the titans curse and in the battle of the labrinth i live in sydney australia.

Posted by G9165 - Monday, April 15th, 2013

Hey, I am Omkar Varma, I have darkish skin, black hair, 13 years old, 5.11 and want to try out for Nico Di Angelo. In my previous plays, i have played characters who are dark, anti social, and sad. I would be really great at playing Nico because I have been acting for 4 years. I have read all the Percy Jackson books and I have really explored Nico's personality and I know what kind of depression he goes through because I have lost many loved ones in my life as well. Please reply and let me know what you think. Thank you very much and I hope to get a replay soon. I can send a video and please let me know when the auditions are. Thank you

Posted by G9218 - Friday, May 17th, 2013

i realy want to be percy

Posted by G9372 - Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Sorry there is already a Percy Jackson

Posted by G10257 - Tuesday, August 09th, 2016

No, actually, Rick is looking for a 14 year old boy to play him

Posted by G9222 - Monday, May 20th, 2013

Hi my name is sophie and im 12 years old,I have dark blonde hair and my eyes cahng color from grey to blue to green and I am 4 foot and 8 inches but by the time the titans curse comes out I should be taller,any waysI think that I would be a hunter if I could be it the titans curse but I would like to be in the heros of olympus too and I dont think that they should choose like only movie star actors because there is many other people that would love to be in a movie like this including me and my 9 year old cousin who has light blonde ahair and her eyes are brown and blue and sometimes green.Me and my cousin would die for the oppurtunity to be in this move and the heros of olympus series and the rest of this series.

Posted by G9231 - Sunday, May 26th, 2013

Hi my name is Celeste i am 11 but i look 12 i am 5'3 i would really like to be Artemis i think i would be perfect for the part i have wavy dark brown hair i am tan and if you have information please reply to me.

Posted by G9239 - Friday, May 31st, 2013

Hi. My name is Ali. I'm 13, five' 3" with wavy, dark brown hair, and a light tan. It is impossible to say when i started acting (i've always had an "expressive flare"). i have done acting and modeling lessons with the agency Barbizon, and been in about 6 plays. i have not yet gotten a leading role, but i have reason to believe most auditions i've been to have been biased (hate to sound winey or spoiled but it is true). i would like to play bianca or artimis in titan's curse, but do not have an audition date or any information. please reply if you do. thank you :)

Posted by G9291 - Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Hello, My name is Maryellen. I'd love to play apart in this movie, I love acting. I'm 5 ft. I'm on the lighter side. Black medium Length hair. I'd Love to Play Artimis. I do not have any information on audition dates, please reply back to me if you could :) Thank you

Posted by G9831 - Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Nico di Angelo

Hello to the reader of this message I'm Anthony and I would be interested In playing in the part of nico di Angelo. I am 15 and I am on the tall side I have brown eyes and dark brown hair and have tan skin I live in palatka FL. i really love acting and I am very high up in drama in my church I really hope I can be nico di Angelo in the 2015 movie the titans curse.

Posted by G9321 - Friday, August 02nd, 2013

Hello reader I'm selena I love acting I've been it two movies as an actress and I really want to play Rachel Dare in the fourth and fivth movie. I have dark blond hair I'm 5'3 I have gray to green eyes.

Posted by G9363 - Sunday, August 11th, 2013

Percy Jackson auditions

Hello my name is Selena an I would like to audition for the part Rachel Elizabeth Dare :) I have been in many plays and have gotten the lead roles. I have green eyes and tons of freackales plus long blonde hair. Please consider thank you

Posted by G9328 - Monday, August 05th, 2013

Hello, I'm Francesca and I'm 17, I'm an italian girl loves acting since she was 7. I'm really interested to the part of Zoe Nightshade, because I love that character and I'm pretty sure I'm good to play it (but it's okay any huntress). I'm 5'5, brown hair, hazel eyes.

wish you reply me.

Posted by G9339 - Tuesday, August 06th, 2013

Auditions for: Percy Jackson, the titans curse

Hello, my name is Kenya Ramirez, I am currently 19 years old, dark brown hair, brown eyes, height 5'1. I would love to be considered to be a part of the Percy Jackson: The Titan's Curse film. I don't have a particular role, but I would love the overall experience to be a part of this film. I found myself in love with the books themselves. I believe every role is important in any film, it is what you make of it. I have a background in Martial Arts and know in order to do these films stunt work is always necessary. If you would like me to e-mail my résumé and headshot I would be more than happy to do so. Thank you for your time :)

Posted by G9829 - Monday, June 16th, 2014

Sorry to burst your bubble

Sorry to burst your bubble but this isn't a site where they look for actors/actresses.

Posted by G9344 - Wednesday, August 07th, 2013

I would also like to play Nico. I have been in quite a few plays and have been told I am a very good actor.

I have brown hair, somewhat tan, have lots of freckles, and I am 11. If you here about auditions for the movie please let me know!! My name is Ethan Oswald.

Posted by G9352 - Friday, August 09th, 2013

hey guys i have almond skin black hair and hazel eyes. i olso take acting camp

Posted by G9353 - Friday, August 09th, 2013

Nico DiAngelo

Hi my name is Drake! I have light blonde hat and I'd love to play Nico! I can dye my hair any color, and have a very good acting experience! I've been in Cats, Guys and Dolls, Thr Princess king, Knights of the Rad Table, and in a school production of Pitch Perfect! I am 5'2.

Posted by G9356 - Saturday, August 10th, 2013

I'd lovde to be bianca de angelo. But I live in Norway, and I haven't been in a movie or theater before. But percy Jackson mean the world to me. My hair is darl brown, my eyes are brown, and I'm 12. But I've act with myself, and my biggest dream is joining the percy Jackson cast. Thanks for your time.

Posted by G9364 - Monday, August 12th, 2013

i really would love to play the part of zoe nightshade or artemis (assuming they still cast her as a 12 year old) do you have any ideas on how to find auditions???? it would mean the world

Posted by G9383 - Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Hello my name is sam i would love to be anyone in the titans curse or the shadow labrinth movie i would prefer to be nico de angelo as when i read the book he seemed like a cool yet serious charecter i have not had any experience as a actor before and i am 14 however during my drama lessons in school i have been told i am very good i am also english but i dont think my accent would affect any part of the film if chosen please contact me if i get a chance at getting a part on one of these movie.

Posted by G9384 - Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Hi my name is Ashley! I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes also I am 5 1' and I am 12 years old. I'd love to play Zoe Nightshade in the upcoming Percy Jackson film. Also I know how to do archery and Zoe has to know how to do archery in the film. So please consider me and please let me know when the auditions are. Thank you!!

Posted by G9392 - Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Hey my name is Zoe. I live in Australia and I am 13 years old, I can pass for probably 12-15 yrs old. I have light brown hair, slightly blond and hazel eyes. I would love to play Zoe, Bianca, Rachel, Artemis or just a random part. I realise I may have to dye my hair, but that is fine with me. I have a bit of acting experience, I have acted in school, and I have been doing drama classes outside of school for about 4 years now, with lead or second lead(you know what I mean) roles in all our plays. I am obsessed with the Percy Jackson series and it would mean the WORLD to me if I was to get cast.

Posted by G9399 - Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

My name is George Puchalski, I have brown hair and brown eyes, I'm eleven years and sometimes people think I'm 13, I really want to play the part as Nico Di Angelo, I love acting!

Posted by G9402 - Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

hello my name is Eve I'm I'm a sixth fifty five meter I have the light chestnut hair I have green eyes. I live in France in Nantes. The trouble is that I'm French but I still have some basic English. I'd gladly play any role. My dream is to play in percy jackson having seen the first two movie I really enjoyed. I'm really motivated. Since any small I dream of playing in a movie. And it would be really great if you to take me to play a Role. Thanks for having read my candidacy.

Posted by G9406 - Friday, August 23rd, 2013


Posted by G9677 - Sunday, January 26th, 2014


uh jeez... how do you think actors start out? nobodys just famous straight away and everyone has a pretty equal chance at this stage if you dont have an agent. ovbiously no one on here has an agent unless we wouldent be asking, would we? i dont think its very nice to just go around squashing peoples derams like that. think about it :/

Posted by G9407 - Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Hello to whoever is reading this. My name is Fiona, and I live in England. I'm 13 years old, with dark brown, almost black hair and brown eyes. I've read all the Percy Jackson books, and it's always been my dream to play Bianca, or, in fact, any other part. I wouldn't mind dying my hair, and I wear glasses but would get contact lenses. I'm average height for my age, and I have a lean, skinny build. I was part of a drama club up to when I was eight, and I've done both clubs and lessons at school since then. I've always loved acting, and have been in multiple school plays, and it would mean everything to me if I was to get the part of anything in this, or upcoming, films.

Posted by G9416 - Saturday, August 24th, 2013

Hello my name is Samantha I would like to play Bianca Di Angelo. I have tan skin, dark hair and brown eyes. I'm really skinny. I'm 11 years old and I'm 4'8. I've been acting for a while. I really like the books as well.

Posted by G9426 - Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Hello sir , i don't apply cause i m a huge fan of percy jackson series but i m really interested in acting. My name is VINY and m 17 currently living in india . Can play the part of rachel or zoe very well.

Posted by G9440 - Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Nico di-Angelo role

I am fifteen and have a pretty good tan. I am 5'8" and have a skinny build. I have blond hair that I'm willing to dye) I don't exactly know when auditions are so I'm giving this a shot. I also look a few years younger than I actually am. I think I would be great for the role of Nico and hope to be replied. Thanks.

Posted by G9441 - Friday, September 13th, 2013

Auditions for percy jackson and the titans curse

I would want to play either Artemis, Zoe Nightshade, or Bianca Di Angelo...

Posted by G9442 - Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Nico De Anglo

hello my name Luke Wilson (not the american actor) and i would love to play Nico De Anglo in the titans curse and the the rest of the

Posted by Antonia Ignacia - Saturday, September 14th, 2013

Hi my name is Antonia and I’m 14 years old, my date of birth is on the 29th of January 1999.

I enjoy reading the Percy Jackson series very much and I found that some of the characters were very intriguing.

Since loitrtle I’ve been acting and have taken quite a few courses in the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Austraklia, I have also enrolled in a performing arts high school and have a scholarship for drama aswell as working in theater associations.

My hair colour is a dark shade of brown almost seen as black, it’s roughly chopped and short, my eyes are dark maple brown and I use contact lenses with prescription of 1.5.

I’m a little short for my age, approx. 156cm and weight exactly 45kg.

I was born in Chile and moved to Australia in 2008, I can speak fluent spanish and English and I’m currently studying italian and greek.

I do have a spanish accent which I’m working to get rid of so that my speech will become more audible and fluent.

Personality wise I’m very talkative, I have a sense of humour, I’m athletic and even though I’ve been told I’m confident I love to sit in my bedroom with my headphones and either sketch, paint or read,

I will always opt to wear my black combat boots, personally I’m not part of the popular group because I know I’d never fit in but I learned to stop caring what other people thought of me and it has yet been the best choice I’ve ever made.

I get good grades at school that only range from A’s to B’s in my school reports, I’m a dedicated student and learner although I do not enjoy going to school just like everyone else.

Like I mentioned before I’ve done acting since a young age and I love transforming and finding myself within the character I’m playing.

I’d love to start a career with a character in a movie adaptation from one of my favourite books and it would be an amazing opportunity to be part of the cast for a Percy Jackson movie.

Kind Regards

Antonia Ignacia

Posted by G9454 - Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

Hello I'm paige Poelman and I am 11 years old and I would live to play Zoe nightshade I have hazel eyes brownish blondish hair and I love to act and If I would play this role I'm would be deeply honored please let me know if I get the part please and thank you and I love reading the books they are amazing

Posted by G9468 - Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Hi My Name is Riska Dhania i'm from Indonesia , i'm 15 , i love acting and i really want to play in this movie. i love percy jackson somuch ,I enjoy reading the Percy Jackson series very much.

Posted by G9472 - Sunday, September 29th, 2013

Hello reader, my name is Matilda and I live in Australia. I am 16 and loved acting ever since I can remember. I am 1.74cm tall with brown hair to my shoulders. I would love play a part in Percy Jackson curse of the titans even if it is just and extra. I have been in schools plays and and a part of this performing ensemble called wakakiri. Please reply as this would be a fantastic opportunity for me.

Posted by G9476 - Monday, September 30th, 2013

Hello readers I am Eden. Im in fourth grade. And in the book it says Artemis appears as a young girl. I will love to play artemi

Posted by G9485 - Sunday, October 06th, 2013

Anyway When's the date for auditions

I want to be Bianca do angleo! I've been in plays before so if anyone knows the date! Bianca's about 12 so am i

Posted by G9486 - Sunday, October 06th, 2013


Hi! I'm Peyton and I'm 11. I love Percy Jackson! I've read the series 12 times and I've been counting! I've also read the heroes of Olympus many times! I have medium length hair that's almost black and I'm tanish. I love Bianca so I would love to be her! Anyone know auditions?

Posted by G9495 - Wednesday, October 09th, 2013

Being in the Titan's Curse

Hello! My name is Julie. I would be interested in a part, but just being an extra would be amazing! I have been an extra in two movies in my state (Tennessee), which will be released sometime in the future. I have also had a small speaking part in another movie, and I have taken acting lessons since the sixth grade. Thank you!

Posted by G9552 - Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

I know it's probably never gonna happen that's why I'm writing my own series, making myself one of the main characters and then making the movies and giving myself the role.

Posted by Mythology1234 - Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Hi my name is Hannah I am 15 years old. I have brown hair and I am about 5'6' feet tall, I am strong and I have brown eyes. I will do anything to have the part. I have the whole series of Percy Jackson and the set of the two movies that came out. I love to act and it will be a dream come true. I would like to audition for either Bianca do Angelo, Zia , or Artemis. I will be happy which ever you give me of those three. It means a lot to me. I just want a chance to audition. I know I can do good. I love to read, write, act, athletic. Also I have participated in many big plays at school and in shows. I love the action and the combats in the book. I will really appreciate it if I got a part from those three. I also get good grades in school and I love to meet new people and make friends. Also I am from Florida so I speak well english and I also speak spanish. This is a huge opportunity for me.

Posted by jacquelinelee0099 - Thursday, December 05th, 2013

Hi my name is Jacqueline and I'm 13 years old. I'm Chinese (I speak fluent English and can barely speak Chinese), have dark brown hair, 4'11, and I'm really interested in being in the movie. My friend, Sam, was young Luke in The Sea of Monsters. I never took any acting lessons but I'm very dramatic. I don't know which characters I'd be because they don't mention any Chinese characters but I could be a Hunter or just an extra. I look like I'm 12 and can mimic many different character types. Please post the audition dates and reply soon!!

Posted by G9590 - Saturday, December 07th, 2013

Hello, my name is Whitney, I am 16 (I look like I'm 11, I get asked a lot.) I have not had acting classes but I have acted in and for plays. I would LOVE to be Artemis, Piper, and Calypso. I have golden blonde hair with brown under, but its all natural, and I have green eyes. I am going to be in the Miss Canada Globe Pageant. I am 5'0 tall. Caucasian. I am an ENTJ. Je parle un petit peu fraçais. I am atheletic. I've been on honour role for all of my highschool years (my elementary did not have the system.) I've always had good grades. I would love to play any one of those parts, they are my favourite people in the whole series for girls (yeah, I like a lot of the minor people.) If I was in the series and could have dated any of the boys it would have been either Leo or Nico.

Posted by G9604 - Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Guys, do u know where and when the auditions are going to be? I'm English and live in England, and i love Rachel i feel like we are sisters it sounds weird and i am not boasting ok? But i know most of her lines, and do you think id still be able to audition because eim in England? Where do they do their auditions? COs Percy jacksons a American film so please reply someone i need help!!

oh and btw i read somewhere they are thinking of making it or having it made by October 2015

so yeah please reply!

I'm Kaitlin

13 Years old

green eyes


I'm not gonna say the weight

but i love acting and always do it in my room i haven't done plays before but in hoping to next year

i know the producers and director wont read this but some of you will so please reply!!

Posted by G9611 - Sunday, December 29th, 2013

hi u guys the problem is that most characters will be lder and will be famous I am not stopping u so go for its just a warning

Posted by G9616 - Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Hi I'm hunter I'm 12 years old, 4,9 about hobbit height, I have dirty blond hair, I live in Frisco,TX, I played the part of jasper in my school play 101 Dalmatians and I also had a role in my other school play willie wonka

Posted by G9619 - Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Cool kaitlin you should keep the sprit high and keep practicing what about hair. keep up the good work and i wanna be a hunter btw

Posted by G9622 - Wednesday, January 01st, 2014

Hi im a 13 year old girl who would love to be Artimis i love the books and i think i would be an awsome Artimis

My friends say i look loke a 11-12 year old

Posted by G9623 - Wednesday, January 01st, 2014

Hi, my name is Natalie. I am interested in playing Zoe Nightshade in the Titans Curse. I am 13 years old and I love acting. I have been in many plays. I am 5 feet 5 inches. I have brown hair. I have read all of the Percy Jackson book. Thank you for reading this and let me know when the auditions are. THANK YOU!!!!!

Posted by G9651 - Wednesday, January 08th, 2014

Hey, my name is Jack. I would absolutely love to play the role of Nico Di Angelo. I'm a hard worker and respond to criticism well. I can be directed very easily and I love acting. I'm 16 years old with green eyes, brown hair, with a normal to paleish skin tone. I've read all of the books and believe I can play the part well. Please respond with more information if you are interested!

Posted by BornInTheWrongTime - Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Hi, my name is Ethan and I would love to play the part of Nico di Angelo in Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse and all further productions of The Percy Jackson series. I am 12 years old and I have dark wavy brown hair, dark brown eyes and olive skin. I also come from Greek heritage, Im 5' 5" and have a lean body build. I'm very good at faking happiness and fake smiling. I even fool my family that i am happy most of the time. I have wanted to act since i was 5 and have been in 4 plays and I am currently doing a school production of Into The Woods. I was first choice for the lead but because i had to sing a duet with someone I didn't get it because we didn't sound as good as the other student did. I love the character Nico di Angelo and have been waiting since i read the third book to get a chance at playing him in a film. Thanks for reading!

Posted by G9660 - Monday, January 13th, 2014

The titan's curse

Hello, my name is Caroline. I would love to be Bianca Di Angelo or Calypso. I really love Percy Jackson's books. I'm 16 years old but i look younger, I'm 5'5 tall. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes. I'm latin. I'm so shy and quiet. this what i ever wanted, i'll been waiting for a opportunity like this, this is like one of my biggest goals because I really like those roles and those books and if i could play some of these roles in the movies, i would be grateful for all my whole life. When i read percy jackson's book I feel safe, i feel fearless. Thanks.

Posted by G9676 - Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Hello, my name is Jessica. I would love to play the role of Artemis in the third Percy Jackson movie. I am 13 with light brown, wavy hair. I guess I have slightly tanned skin and blue eyes. I want to be an actress one day and I love the Percy Jackson books and movies. I have only had minor roles in plays and I live in Australia but everyone has got to start some where right? If you know any way to audition overseas or have any information I could use please reply!


Posted by G9685 - Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

My son is a big of Percy Jackson and I'm a big fan of "The Rock" I would love to be a random citizen and my son would LOVE to be a camper and be on set with Percy if your reading this PEALSE give my son the addition and if u can give me one too

Posted by G9691 - Saturday, February 08th, 2014

I would love to play as Nico Di Angelo I'm 5/1, 12 years old, dark brown hair and eyes, and I've seen Nico's official picture and I look a lot like him pleas if the director or producer or cast member reads this pleas look for me on Puerto Rico and I have had experience.

Posted by G9704 - Saturday, March 01st, 2014

Hey my name is Mia. I'm 11 and I love Percy Jackson and the Hunters are my favorite especially Zoe and Bianca. I would love to be a Hunter or a extra. I live in Chicago. I have Black hair and Dark Dark brown eyes

Posted by TheMuffinBadger - Saturday, March 01st, 2014

Audition for Nico di Angelo in 'The Titan's Curse'

Hello, I'm Caleb Schneider. I recently turned thirteen years old. I am five foot seven and I have long, dark brown hair with lengthy bangs that slant diagonally down the right side of my face. I have pale olive skin and brown eyes, which can be made green with contacts or something. I've always dreamed of portraying a character from my favorite book series. Nico di Angelo is my favorite character in any book that I've ever read. Please, if you happen to be associated with the making of The Titan's Curse, consider me. Believe me, I'd pour my heart into my lines if I got to play my favorite book character.

Posted by GumoGumiMegpoid - Wednesday, March 05th, 2014

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I am 17 years old, I will be turning 18 on June 1, 2014. I live in Glendale, California and I am homeschooled. I am 5'8 with blonde hair and blue eyes, I have been acting for 4 years and i sm quick to memorize and deliver lines, as well as fence/ rehearse stage combat. I was at the Glendale Americana movie premier of Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Sea of Monsters and would be honored to earn a part in one, or more of the future Percy Jackson films.

Posted by G9723 - Monday, March 10th, 2014

Hello my name is Marquitta and I would like to be Binica,or a huntress. I have realy dark brown hair that when it is straight it is black, I have dark brown to black eyes, and I am not a stranger when it comes to acting, I am 12 years old just the right amount that the book says she has to be and I am about 5ft 6in.

I would love to be in this following movie if you have any questions you can ask me on my facebook =marquitta atwood. I can get people to say that I am a great actress and I have been in the plays oliver,best christmas pagent ever, one hundered and one dalmations, and many more thank you

Posted by G9730 - Sunday, March 16th, 2014

Audition for artemis

Hi my name is holly, I love to act,sing and I love the Percy Jackson movies. I have brown hair with a hint of blond. I'm eleven years old and have hazel,gray, green eyes. I'm a very hard worker and I would love the part for Artemis. I'll have a YouTube video called audition for Artemis just letting you know. Bye!

Posted by G9735 - Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

My name is Jade and i am 11 almost 12,and i am obscessed with Percy Jackson. I hope i spelled the last word right. Anyways, It has always been a dream of mine to be a part of the Percy Jackson cast as well as many others. I would want to be Bianca, or one of Artemis's huntresses. I have read all the books and i really enjoy them. I even have the camp shirt and posters, not to brag, sorry. I have light brown hair and blue eyes. I also have freckles but makeup and stuff can change my look for a movie. Ever since I have heard of Percy Jackson when I was little, i fell in love with the movies and books. I hope to hear back

Posted by G9758 - Thursday, April 03rd, 2014

Hi. My name is Brianna. I'm 12 and will turn 13 in 4 months. I'm about the same height for my age, however I may be smaller. I would like to audition for Bianca di Angelo, Zoe Nightshade,Artemis, or Silena Burguland. Please answer as soon as you can. THANKS!!!!


Posted by G9759 - Thursday, April 03rd, 2014

Hey, Brianna again. I forgot to mention that I LOVE acting. I've been performing since i was six when I stared in our church play as Mary. I take drama club right now and will be joining theature arts in one year. I love the Percy Jackson series and have ALWAYS wanted to be in one. Please answer back right away.

Posted by G9999 - Thursday, March 19th, 2015

Its Jonah again i have brown eyes,black hair, and i am a very very VERY big fan of Percy Jackson, and i hope i get picked to be Nico Di Angelo

Posted by G9763 - Monday, April 07th, 2014

i would love to play zoe nightshade

Posted by G9770 - Friday, April 11th, 2014

Hi my name is Nicholas I am 12 years old and I would like to play Nico. I am close to that age and a good actor. I really like the books and I would like to be a part of it thank you!

Posted by wahinecat - Sunday, May 04th, 2014

Hello,My name is Silva. I am 11 years old and I turn 12 in October 2014(I am writing this on the 6th of May 2014). I have blonde hair but am willing to have it dyed if needed. I am skinny and athletic. I have a slight tan that I hold year round. I have blue green eyes (I can change the color with contacts) and am 5’ 1”. I would like to audition for an assisting role, possibly one of the Hunters of Artemis, Bianca di’ Angelo, Artemis or Silena Beauregard; I would be thrilled if I got to bring anyone in The Titan’s Curse alive; it has been a dream of mine to be in one of these films! I think I am good at fighting with a weapon. I own a bow and arrow, I am pretty good at it. I live in Boise, Idaho. I am a great actress; everyone I know says I’m great at acting. Right now I am working on a play in school and I am the starring role. I have participated in many acting camps. Please let me know when and where the auditions are. Thank you for reading this!

Posted by G9791 - Monday, May 05th, 2014

Hello, my name is Jess and I am from New Zealand. I would love to play Bianca di Angelo in the Percy Jackson: The Titan's Curse. I am 13 years old but I am medium height. I have brown hair and kinda dark eyes. I have done acting before and I have been I plays. With my acting I have always been the one that gets up and fights also I am very brave. I am doing drama classes but when I have something set for me I go for it. So if you could consider me as playing the part of Bianca di Angelo I would love to hear from you. I would go any where in the world to be in a Percy Jackson movie. P.s I am also dyslexic but I work well with any that is given to me. Thank you for your time and I would love to hear from you!!

Posted by G9818 - Friday, June 06th, 2014

I am called very pretty and cute for some reason. I think i should be one of Artemis's hunters. I am 12 going on 13. I have wavy brown hair and very pretty blue eyes. I am very skinny and have very light skin. I like to act but i do get nervous. I do every play i can be in at church. I like to be weird sometimes. :) thanks!!!

Posted by G9827 - Sunday, June 15th, 2014

My name is Kalyca. I am eleven years old but I look 15 because of my height. I would be very happy to be any part in this movie. I have big eyes, pale skin, and autumn brown hair. I am a girl and I live in California .

Posted by G9830 - Monday, June 16th, 2014

This is going to sound like I'm better than all of you, but it's true.

They are actually considering me for Zöe Nightshade and all of you fans aren't going to be happy about this but...

I have caramel, choppy blonde hair midway down my back that's usually in a braid. I have really dark and pretty green eyes that I'm always getting complements on. My skin is kind of coppery and I live in LA.

Remember how Percy and the entire cast is older in the movies than the books? Yeah, I hate that too but it's helping me get a bigger career. I'm eighteen years old and 5' 6. I have a HUGE fan girl crush on the guy who plays Percy but I've met him and he's kind of a jerk...yeah.

I've been an extra in One Direction: This Is Us, World War Z, Victorious, Good Luck Charlie: It's Christmas, and all three High School Musical Movies. I had a speaking part in two of those movies and I starred in every single one of my childhood school plays. I've audition many MANY times and honestly, the business is hard to crack. I even have an agent and it's hard to get in.

Have fun always posting your profiles on this website and going nowhere!!!

Posted by G9868 - Wednesday, August 06th, 2014

I would love to be zoe or bianca. I am 5' and dark brown hair, a few frecals, green eyes olive skin and love the serise oh and my name is Emma I am from California but now live in Colorado

Posted by G9882 - Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Hi my name is Kaya I'm 13 5ft ad 1in I have medium dark brown hair brown green eyes and a tan. I would like to play zoe or bianca. I don't have much experience in acting i played in a school play I am really interested in acting and it has always been a dream of mine. I love the Percy Jackson movies and books. Please let me know when and where the auditions are I would love to play a part

Posted by G9895 - Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Hello fellow PJO/HOO fans,

I hate to break it to you but, this website it not going to help you get a part in the probably not happening PJO movie, the Titan's Curse. If you are interested in making the movie happen, though, you should really sign an online petition to make it happen!

Good luck on your acting/ fangirl/boy careers!

Posted by G9896 - Sunday, September 14th, 2014

Rachel Elizabeth dare, red head, 13. Am very similar to Rachel, I figure no ones ever going to read this who directs the film but ow well, it's a nice fantasy.

Posted by G9906 - Tuesday, October 07th, 2014

Audition For Bianca

Hi my name is Lizeth but you can call me Lizy.I'm 12 years old I'm from Dallas and I have light brown hair,Hazel eyes,pale skin and I would like to audition for the role of Bianca Di Angelo I love acting,singing and dancing but mostly acting Percy Jackson is my favourite movie and I would love to be in it

Posted by G9974 - Friday, January 16th, 2015

I would like the role of Percy since logan lerman quite I have short black hair im fourteen and 5-9 with green eyes

Posted by G9976 - Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Hi, my name is Ryan.I'm 15 years old from England,UK. I have browns hair,greeny blue eyes and slightly tanned skin.I have been acting since i was 6 and still continue to love it.I've taken Performing Arts as an option for my GCSE's and have been excepted to do a Performing Arts Acting diploma course in College.I have read every single book of Rick Riordan and they will always be one of my favorites. Whilst reading The Titans Curse, the character Nico Di Angelo struck me as a role i could play.The reason for this being that I fell our personalities match to a point and due to this I believe i could act as this character extremely well and will do to the best of my abilities, if given the chance. I am interested in auditioning for the roleof Nico Di Angelo and would like to know where to I can audition. -Thanks

Posted by percyjacksonfan - Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

please help

i want to play the role of artimes i have blond and brown hair i have green eyes i am 10 years old i also am i think not sure 5 feet my name is taylor

Posted by G10010 - Saturday, April 18th, 2015


Hi my name's Evan and I know want to be Nico I'm 10 and have Ben in many plays in my community I live in Matthias West Virginia

Posted by G10014 - Monday, April 27th, 2015

My name is tierna I am 11 I hav dark brown hair and grey eyes I am 4,7 but will probably be tallerBy the Tim the movie comes out Percy JacksonMeans the world to me and I would be incredibly Happy if I could play artemis or one of the hunters in Percy Jackson and the Titans Curse

Posted by G10024 - Sunday, May 31st, 2015

Tryout for Jason from camp Jupiter

Whenever it comes time for the heroes of olympus series movies can I tryout for Jason because I am 12,5'2,have blondish hair and have blue eyes so I think I would be perfect and could you give me a shoutout when you know when tryouts are.?

Posted by G10036 - Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Percy Jackson tryouts

HI I'm Karla. I would like to get a movie part in either Percy Jackson movie though it wood be nice that I could be Piper McLean from The Lost Her I am 12 but I'll be 13 in this coming November. I speak English and Spanish so I'm half American and Mexican. I have long black hair and black color eyes. And if I get a part of one of the Percy Jackson movies hopefully it would be an important part that goes though the whole movie. Thanks for reading my message and taking time to read. I live in cincinnati Ohio

Posted by G10047 - Thursday, July 09th, 2015

Bianca di Angelo

Short and to the point: I've read all Percy Jackson books at least 100 times, so I feel I know Bianca's part very well. Experience: fairly well. No "official" acting training, but willing to be helped, given advice, & willingly directed. Very eager. Contact me with using: Tessa

Posted by G10067 - Saturday, August 08th, 2015

audition for Percy Jackson film as Annabeth

I'm Jess I'm 16, English. 5'4. light blonde wavy hair, blue eyes. I've been a massive fan for a really long time and I feel though my personality type would be perfect for the role of Annabeth.

Posted by G10069 - Friday, August 14th, 2015

Hi! My name is Yuleanna and I'm 11,but I look 12.I've been acting since I was 6 years old.I was cast as Anna's understudy in the school production of Frozen a year ago.I have tan skin,wavy brown hair and brown eyes.I would really love to play either Bianca Di Angelo or Z�e Nightshade <3 Thank you

Posted by G10102 - Friday, October 02nd, 2015

Nico di Angelo auditions.

My name is Guy and I have always loved Percy Jackson books. I think I would be good for the part of Nico di Angelo. I have dark brown hair, blue eyes,and would love to be in that movie. I have been acting for a long time. Since I was five.

Posted by G10126 - Thursday, December 03rd, 2015

I am a 5,5 Caucasian female. I am thirteen, I am pale, light brown hair, hazel eyes, I look older than I am and I would love to be any female role in the movie.

Posted by G10149 - Tuesday, January 05th, 2016

Auditions for Percy Jackson

My name is Melissa(from the UK) I am 18 years old but look younger for my age, i am 5.4ft and have long dirty blonde hair. I have read all the Percy Jackson and heroes of Olympus books it would be a dream to get an audition to play a character in the films. I would love for the chance to be able to try out for calypso in the next film but it would be an honour to get to audition for any character. I have drama and performing arts qualifications and have been in many musicals and theatre productions.

Posted by G10185 - Sunday, March 13th, 2016

I'm Lani. i am around four feet tall. i love to act and i am a very gifted singer. i am also 10 years old. I will be happy to play any female character.

Posted by G10189 - Saturday, March 19th, 2016

Bianca Di Angelo?

Hi my name is Sophie, I would love to play Bianca Di Angelo but wouldn't mind any female part. I have brown hair and blue eyes, I'm 12 years old but I'm 5f 4in . I'm from England

Posted by G10198 - Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

Hi my name is Alice and I would love to play any character, I am 12 and have brown hair which I will happily dye, my eyes are brown and I have pale skin. I live in England but would LOVE to move to America. Thanks

Posted by G10208 - Monday, April 11th, 2016

nico di angelo

hello i am Peter i live in kenya and i am 13 years old I would like to play the part of nico di angelo ilove the percy jackson series and i really hope iam going to get this part.

Posted by G10230 - Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

Hi! My name is Paulina. I am 13 years old and I am obsessed with the Percy Jackson series. I would LOVE to play the role of Bianca di Angelo. I have a huge experience in archery. I love archery and I am amazing at it. I have long, black, straight hair. My eyes are light brown and I am 5 feet tall. I am kind and I am brave. I have natural red lips and big beautiful eyes. I hope they pick me for the role of Bianca di Angelo in the series Percy jackson.

Posted by G10243 - Saturday, June 25th, 2016

I think if they redid the second and first movie in the second movie or Heros of Olympus I woul love to be Reyna I love acting but have only been in one school play (out of two plays at school) I have darkish brown hair with blond strikes that would probably grow out at the rate their going and have hazel to grayish green eyes. If anyone knows to date of aditions that would be great! PS I would be anyone with my discription too.

Posted by G10253 - Sunday, July 24th, 2016

Hi my name is Natalie, and I would love to be Rechel Elizabeth Dare. I have red curly hair , I work well with others , and I can do lots of deferent characters/emotions. I am also a really quick learner with any thing . I have read all of the Percy Jackson and the olympians series. I have been in acting for sense I was 6 , and from my very first performance I was in love with it .

Posted by G10256 - Tuesday, August 09th, 2016

Annabeth Chase Actress

My name is Faith. I am 14 years old, 5 feet 6 inches tall with a slim build, and I have short blonde hair paired blueish-green eyes. I've often been called smart by my fellow classmates and find myself to be very inquisitive. I have a face that, when resting, looks quite angry/upset. Annabeth Chase influenced me greatly when I started reading the books in 5th grade and influences me still today. I would be very willing to play this female heroine and very excited if there's any possibility that I could attain the role. I live in the Western most county of West Virginia and I was in the 2016 West Virginia History Bowl (an academic competition that has been around for a couple of years now). I feel that I would fill the role quite nicely if only given a chance.Thank you,Faith

Posted by G10272 - Monday, October 03rd, 2016

Hello. I'm Julia. I just turned 15 and I think that I look like I am still 14. I have blonde hair that is a medium to long length and light skin. I am about 5'3 I have blue eyes but I'm willing to wear contacts if it means I get to play the part of Annabeth Chase. I am in love with all of Rick Riordans series and seriously love the character. I have been in two plays that I apsolutely loved. I preformed well in them and I want to do more.

Posted by G10298 - Thursday, November 03rd, 2016

Hi my name is Anya and I would like to audition for any female character that might fit my physical appearance. I am 11 years old and am 5'1. I have dirty blond hair and shallow -water blue eyes. I also have fairly tan skin and a lean structure. I have been in about 20 plays, first beginning at age 5 when I played the little red hen. I have also been good behind the camera, because I have been on multiple costume and makeup crews. Thank you so much for the time and date of auditions. Thanks!

Posted by G10301 - Saturday, November 26th, 2016

When does this film I love Rachel aubern curly hair and brown eye 11 years old

Posted by G10305 - Saturday, December 10th, 2016

You realize nico is a male character? I guess mme being a male should play hazel right?

Posted by G10315 - Friday, December 30th, 2016

Hi !!!I am Lety I have 12 and I come from Romania I have brown hair and browns eyes I really love Percy Jackson and I want to be Artemis or Bianca di Angelo .Tanks!!!

Posted by G10321 - Thursday, January 05th, 2017

Hi my name is Gannon and I am a male. I would like to play any role that I could fit into. I am 13 years old and about 5.4. I also have dark hair.

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Posted by Keira Megarity - Monday, January 16th, 2017

Hello my name is Keira, female.

I am 12 years old and will be 13 in August.

I haven't got the money to go to a fancy drama school to become really confident and out standing and in my school I have drama lessons once a fortnight.

However I really enjoy it and think I could do it as I'm quite good in drama.

I am 5'3(around about) and have blue eyes,dark blonde but can go light in summer and I am also quite pale.

I would love to be in this movie as I have watched both 1 & 2.

I would be satisfied with any part, however I wouldn't be able to travel out of Britian for my audition as I also have school.

However once I have a part I will willingly travel.

I live in Oxfordshire and have posted a video audition for Thalia on YouTube called : Tahlia audition Percy Jackson

By Keira

Posted by G10329 - Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Hi, my name is Eloise and I would love to have the role of Annabeth Chase, Piper McLean, Reyna, Thalia or really any other female character even if she's not that important. I have brown hair and I have eyes that change with the light but are normally hazel. I am also 5,4 and 107 pounds. I am eleven years old but I'm turning twelve this summer in August. I regret to say that I haven't had any acting experience before except small school plays and things like that. I am a quick learner though and am good at memorizing lines I am also very active all the time, I love all sports and am very, very open to new things. I also speak fluent French if that helps in any way. I have read almost all the books of Percy Jackson, I am on the house of Hades.

I hope that everyone else gets the role that they want.

Good luck.

Posted by G10335 - Thursday, February 02nd, 2017

Hi I have acted at school many times, though I have never really had a movie part. I have blond hair swerved to the right. I am interested in any part you give. My Best choices would be Nico Di Angelo, Will Solace, or Connor Stoll. I am about to turn 13


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